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You have heard time and time again how your website content drives keywords and search engine rankings (if you don’t talk about ‘zippity widgets’ on your website, you’re unlikely to show up in Google top search results for ‘zippity widgets’).  Also, recentness of content and frequency of site activity are often factors in ranking scores.  For these reasons, I often recommend that my clients start blogging on relevant topics or create an article section or even a web-based newsletter to grow their websites and increase their search engine optimization and rankings.

Unfortunately, many busy business owners find it challenging to have the time needed to create quality content on an ongoing basis.  YNot Web’s Blogmentation™ is a service we offer exclusively to YNot Web SEO clients to help solve this problem by augmenting our clients’ website with search engine optimized blog entries or short articles on an ongoing basis.  Blogmentation is an ongoing subscription-based service. Clients choose their content posting intervals and their most important key phrases and YNot Web creates the fully researched, search engine optimized and unique articles on topics relevant to that client’s business and keywords.

For instance, a real estate agent may have topics such as “How to choose a Real Estate Agent”, ‘How to Work with a Real Estate Agent’, and ‘Interview Questions for Selecting a Real Estate Agent’ or a series of entries on “Tips to prepare your House for Sale”. Keep in mind, blog postings are shorter than full-length articles (generally 450-650 words) and should be laser focused on a particular topic for best optimization effects.  YNot Web’s Blogmentation™ service frees up our clients’ time, relieves stress of coming up with topic ideas and keeping up with continual web site additions, helps our clients compete effectively for keywords relevant to their business, and provides useful information to their clients and prospects.  To find out about becoming a Blogmentation™ client or for pricing and details, contact Kammy by phone or email.

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