Search Engines index web sites based on text on the page.  If you do not use specific words or phrases on your web site, you can NOT be indexed for those words or phrases.  With a small site, focus on only three to five keyword phrases throughout your website to best position for those.  Have a single concise theme.

Web Site Content: Where To Say It

Certain places and styles in your content are weighted more heavily by search engines, so your most important keywords should be included in these areas when possible. 

  • Page Title—This is actually in the code between <title> </title> tags, but it shows up in your browser in the top blue title bar.  This generally needs to be less than 25 characters long.  Include your business name and your most important keywords (2-3 max).  Use a different page title for each page on your website.
  • Headline—Use keywords when possible but keep the headline relevant to the page (because it’s likely the first thing your visitors scan to determine whether the information they are looking for is contained on the page).
  • The first 25 words of the page.
  • The last 25 words of the page.
  • Bolded or italicized words
  • Linked words
  • ALT tags for images (these can be especially handy if you really cannot work in important keywords in a regular sentence or text area of your web page)