Lately I have been receiving a huge amount of spam- not those normal levels of annoying amounts that get stuck in my spam filter anyway- but a noticable influx alot of which is getting through my spam filters with business-like topics such as “RE: Our meeting” and “Nice to meet you”.

So I started to investigate and fortunately for me, MOST this new spam is coming through one particular address.  See, I set up addresses just for this purpose- spam avoidance.  Not only can I change this address, I can set up “spam catchers” to discover who may have leaked my address to spammers.  Let me explain.

The address I am getting this huge new amount of spam is one I use for ‘art’ related services- stock photography, icons, images, etc. that I use in the course of my business.  I have used this address for three companies.  Suspiciously, I recently cancelled my membership with one of these companies… so I have my main suspect.  Often companies will sell or give your contact information to 3rd parties which is why you MUST read their privacy policies.

So to prove where these spam may have originated from (in case the two companies I continue to work with are not honoring their privacy policy), I just added two addresses- one for each of these companies and updated my profile with each.  My previous email address no longer exists and I will be instantly alleviated of the spam.  If either of my current art contacts sells or shares my address, I will know exactly who the problem-child is and end my business-relationship with them.

Forwarding email addresses are great for this purpose– check your domain registrar or web host. Most of them (including YNot Web) include Free Unlimited forwarding or “alias” email addresses. Try it out -especially when you are unsure of who you are dealing with on the internet.