Originally published in YNot Web’s "What Now" Newsletter, Volume 2. Issue 4.

With or without a web site, an email newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with prospects and improve on your web presence. Most email newsletters are often in a personal voice and are filled with customer-centered content. They also build credibility and trust. Generally, good etiquette requires an "Opt-In" policy for a newsletter—that is, no one is added to the mailing list unless they explicitly request it. An "Opt-Out" option should also be available for subscribers who find your services or information are not a good fit for them.

Ezines vs. e-Newsletters
E-zines are modeled after a print magazine. They generally contain several articles by various authors on a variety of related topics. E-zines are updated on a regular schedule and can be delivered via a web site or by email to a set of subscribers. An E-newsletter is a publication about one main subject or topic of interest to the subscribers that is sent out via email at regular intervals. The content usually comes from one author and is shorter—generally less than 500 words.

Top Mistakes to Avoid:
  1. Do not send a newsletter or E-zine unless the person specifically requested the resource.
  2. Never provide subscriber emails to outside parties—whether its advertisers or other subscribers. Use BCC if you email your subscribers manually.
  3. Over-marketing—You will lose credibility if you oversell or if you do not provide quality content on the TOPIC you promised.
  4. Failing to keep to the announced schedule—either by missing a deadline or sending more often than you promised.