I am trying out a new way to network- online social networking. The online network I was invited to and joined is called LinkedIn.com.  It has interesting potential to connect my friends, clients, and colleagues with each other and their friends, clients, and colleagues.

In the last year, I have often played ‘go between’ to help one friend’s company find qualified people to fill positions or refer one client to another for services one needs and the other provides.  I am testing out this online network to see if it can streamline that process a bit.

If you are a past client or someone who would like to refer me to others and would like an invitation into my network, just give me a call or drop me an email (if you know me, you have my address– I do not like posting it unprotected online).  If you’re already a member of LinkedIn, you can just put in my name and send me an notice to connect our networks together.

Check it out if you get a chance or let me know what you think about these types of online networking services (feel free to comment using the link below).