As you may know, if you are either one of my long-term customers, friends, or business colleagues, YNot Web has been consistently over-booked for quite some time (our 4 year business anniversary is in a couple of months).  In addition to the mounting number of businesses who’s websites we have created and launched (sorry, I haven’t updated the Portfolio in quite some time), I also have an increasing number of clients turn into ongoing strategy consulting, search engine optimization or online marketing clients.  I particularly enjoy having these types of long term relationships with my clients as I truly believe your web presence needs to be continually growing and improving.  What was ‘good enough’ five years ago is not ‘good enough’ now and there is no such thing as “build it, they will come” or “set it and forget it” when it comes to promoting your business on the web.

With that in mind, I have decided to devote more of my business schedule to my ongoing SEO, strategy consulting, and web maintenance clients.  For too long I have allowed the more deadline-driven web design project clients take over the schedule, particularly with project delays and scope creep.  Although I will not stop taking web design or development clients altogether, as I still enjoy the creation process, I will be reducing the number of design projects I carry at one time and imposing increased restrictions on timeframes, project scopes, and types of businesses we will accept as web development clients.  I hope this won’t come across as too ‘structured’ (my husband calls it something else) to those interested in working with us in the future.  If you are a full-time business committed to completing your web project in weeks instead of months and have the time that you will need to devote to your project by providing a clear definition of your vision and providing the text and graphic content needed to create or revamp your website, then you are just the type of client we’d like in our next design schedule opening.  If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call 916-225-5266.