Today I received notification that Constant Contact is changing their policies and will no longer have unlimited trial usage for mail lists with under 50 subscribers (useful for some of the non-profits or clubs that I’ve worked with). Now any list from 0-500 subscribers is subject to the $15 per month rate.
Also changing recently is the Express Email Marketing service that we resell through our YNot Shop. This service once was extremely affordable- as low as $9.95 per year! – but now the lowest we are allowed to offer it is $3.99 per month.
With all these recent pricing changes, I thought I’d take the opportunity to resummarize some of the autoresponder and mail list services I’ve previously recommended (see May 26, 2006) with their current 2007 monthly and yearly rates.


Lowest Monthly Rate Lowest Annual Rate Restrictions at this price
AWeber $19.95 $179.40 10,000 subscribers/unlim list
Constant Contact $15 $153.00 500 subscribers
Express Email Marketing $3.99
250 emails per month
500 emails per month
Email Aces $8.95 $107.40 2500 subscribers/1 list


$17.95 $145.40 unlimited/unlimited list

For the smallest lists, Express Email Marketing still wins out as the economical choice, however for larger than 250 but less than 2500 subscribers/emails Email Aces jumps into play, with GetResponse being the best value for large list owners or business with needs for unlimited lists (both Express Email Marketing and Email Aces cheapest plans only allow for one single list).