Just a heads up that another round of phishing is going around targeting Adwords customers.  If you get the following email, DELETE it- it contains links to NON-Google sites that are set up to extract your credit card information from you.  They are indiscriminately mailing domain contacts with standard email addresseses such as info@.

From: Google-AdWords [mailto:adwords-noreply@google.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 8:37 AM
To: Information
Subject: Account Reactivation.

Dear Advertiser,

Our attempt to charge your credit card for your
outstanding Google AdWords account balance was declined.
Your account is still open. However, your ads have been suspended. Once
we are able to charge your card and receive payment for your account
balance, we will re-activate your ads.

Please update your billing information, even if you plan to use the
same credit card. This will trigger our billing system to try charging
your card again. You do not need to contact us to reactivate your

To update your primary payment information, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account at http://adwords.google.com/select.
2. Enter your primary payment information.
3. Click ‘Update’ when you have finished.

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does
not accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message. If you
have any questions, please visit the Google AdWords Help Centre

Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. We look forward to
providing you with the most effective advertising available.