As YNot Web goes into its ninth year (gulp!), we have considered what direction we are going and how we need to continue to evolve to keep ahead in providing the best marketing and web services for our small business clients.

This year, we feel our marketing priorities will include the following:

  • Offer new packages in Mobile optimization.  We want to make sure we help our clients tap into this huge market opportunity with mobile friendly-websites and marketing campaigns.
  • Continued efforts in Social Media Marketing(SMM) for clients with a SEO focus for effective online visibility.
  • Retool our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SMM packages to help clients understand the ROI of each and the value they get from our services.
  • Continued efforts to market our website  modernization packages.  We love to empower entrepreneurs to have control of the growth and freshness of their own websites.  All of the websites we create or upgrade are easily maintained by an average user.  And although we’ll still help maintain for those clients that prefer a hands-off approach, we feel we best serve our clients with completed website when we assist with ongoing strategy, new features and technology, and SEO, marketing and promotion.
  • Increased efforts in educating businesses in the need to keep up with compliance (particularly for businesses with eCommerce offerings) and security updates for their websites, particularly keeping WordPress sites up to date.  New versions come out regularly throughout the year and updates are increasingly simplified.  Whether we assist or not, we suggest that WordPress users update versions at least every 6-12 months.  The current version of WordPress as of this writing is 3.3.1 (released January 3rd).
  • Reconnect with past clients to bring them up to speed with the above.  All our past clients can benefit from a security and compliance audit and upgrade.  Those who have had websites built a year or more ago can particularly benefit from mobile optimization. Those whose websites have been built 3 or more years ago could benefit from a design refresher to integrate new user preferences and trends in design.  Those who have websites built 6 years ago definitely could benefit from modernizations and technology upgrades.