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So many times I have given ideas and advice to clients about steps they can take to to increase the number of leads or improve their conversion rates from prospect to customer, yet rarely do I see those ideas put into action.

Doing nothing never has a positive effect on a business.  Absolutely anything you do can have an impact, so chose an action and just do it!
Often times our marketing and relationship building efforts are cumulative so each step you take builds on your previous steps, bringing greater results.

Here are my top five suggestions I give customers for bringing in more prospects- pick one and try it TODAY.

  1. Contact your current customers.
  2. Send a press release and post it under “News” on your website.
  3. Get out and introduce yourself.
  4. Follow-up with a past business contact.
  5. Write an article in your area of expertise.

Choose one of these action items to do today. Then tomorrow, pick one again, and so on and so forth.  Watch for the immediate effects and keep in mind the cumulative results.