Don’t push that button!  I would recommend NOT upgrading to IE7 when your Windows Updater prompts you to do so.  There are still some major issues.  Frankly, I’m surprised Microsoft would release it like this, even with Microsoft’s so-called reputation for putting out products that aren’t quite ready.  Complaints about computers crashing, unable to browse anything, IE freezing up are pouring in on forums and newsgroups.  Personally, I can say, though I readily installed it in order to start testing websites I’m working on in the new version, I can no longer use IE as my main browser (Firefox to the rescue).  Basically, it fails to load so many pages on the first try (saying ‘there must be problem with your internet connection or the website you’re viewing).  Refreshing the pages allows me to continue on my merry way, but who wants to hit ‘refresh’ for nearly every page they browse to. 

Again, I’m shocked they would release the product this way.  Perhaps their beta group is not representive of real people?  I know several techs who installed it long ago with no issues.  Unfortuntely, I’m not one of them.  I do plan to try a reinstall but if that doesn’t work and I can’t revert to IE6, I will be switching completely to Firefox until MS can correct the issues.

In case you’re stuck with no way back to IE6, you can find Firefox with the link below.  Its nice and fast and has given us the option for ‘tabbed’ windows(something MS is introducing with IE7) for a couple of years: