YNot Web announces its new status as a class “S” corporation, headquartered in Fair Oaks, California. 

YNot Web is a privately held corporation which provides customized website design, development, and search engine optimization solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Founded in 2003 by Kammy Burleson, YNot Web is now better able to expand to offer additional web-related services and meet increased demand for its existing service offerings.  “Our priorities are to offer a level of services that continues to exceed our clients’ expectations and maximize their return on investment,” said Ms. Burleson.

Serving as President of the corporation, Kammy Burleson has more than 12 years experience creating custom web solutions and will continue to oversee the day-to-day operations of the company, as prescribed by the Board of Directors and the corporate by-laws.

About YNot Web
YNot Web is a web design and development firm specializing in cost-effective websites with a focus on search engine performance and rankings.  For more information on YNot Web and its products, please visit YNot Web on the internet at https://www.ynotweb.com

Kammy Burleson, President
YNot Web