Fair Oaks, CA. February 13, 2006 — Kammy Burleson of YNot Web has earned approval as an authentic "Qualified Google Advertising Professional."  Google approves Adwords advertising professionals through testing and experience requirements. 

Ms. Burleson met the Google-specified experience and spend requirements earlier this year and was then qualified to take the Google Adwords Professional exam.  "I took the opportunity on a quiet Sunday afternoon to take my Adwords professional exam," said Kammy Burleson who passed the exam yesterday with flying colors.

To see more about the requirements to become a Qualified Google Advertising Professional and verify YNot Web’s Qualified status, see the Professional Status page at Google.

About YNot Web:
YNot Web is a Fair Oaks, CA based web design and development firm that provides SEO and SEM services, such as Google Adwords PPC campaign implementation and management.

For more information, contact:

Kammy Burleson, owner
YNot Web