As a followup to a post I made last year (Beware Fake Listing Services, March 18, 2006) , I wanted to remind people about fake bills that come via postal mail to domain name owners.  I received another one just today on a domain I purchased recently that is exactly the same as the ones they were sending before, but with a new company name.  This year it seems they are going by DLSCORP.NET/Domain Listing Service Corp. and the top says “Domain Listing Service” instead of “Website Listing Service”.  Same company address as last year’s batch of mailings.

This sort of thing is just one of the reason’s most my own domains are registered via proxy (sometimes called “private” or “unlisted” registration.)  For only a few bucks more a year, I can avoid more spam, confusing or deceptive phone calls, and these ridiculous ‘fake’ bills.  I recommend this service to anyone concerned about their privacy and especially anyone who runs their business from their home (otherwise anyone can find your address and phone number via the public whois service).  In fact, this was a reminder to me to add private registration to the domain that was targetted for this mailing!