Another cool service from Google.  Free 411 services from any phone!

Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (that’s 1-800-4664-411) to find business numbers and addresses or even get a list businesses in a particular category.  Extra bonus features- get connected for free or have Google text message the contact information to your cell phone for later use! 

I think this is a pretty handy service particularly since alot of phone companies like to charge a buck or more to get this information.

Of course, it is automated, so if you are looking for a business with an unconventional name-ohh, say “YNot Web”- it can’t figure out how to find it since it is using algorithms based on phonetics.  Oh, and you need to pay attention to the returned listings because sometimes it does say them in a funny way.  “YNot Web” (why-not-web) comes out “e-nut-web”.