As I reported back in late-March, there has been a new crop of phishing scams now targeting both Google and Yahoo advertisers.

Google finally officially responded this week by posting “How to avoid getting hooked” on their official Google Blog as well as emailing apparently all Adwords advertisers with an email which refers people to this article as well as notification that there have been reports of phishing attempts that falsely appear to be from the standard Adwords email address.  Google reminds advertisers that Google’s AdWords team would never send an unsolicited message asking for advertiser’s password or other sensitive information by email or through a link sent via email.   They also ask that advertiser’s report any phishing email to them completing their Report Phishing Form.

Google’s post goes on to include tips on how to avoid phishing– whether you are a Google advertiser or not, I highly recommend you follow these steps to protect yourself from any phishing attempts.