I never intended to have so much news about Google that it would need its own section, but days after my latest Google-related entry, there are two new pieces of news.
First, I come across “Google Analytics” while working on a Google Adwords campaign for a customer. They announced “New Google Analytics tells you how visitors found your site and how they interact with it. ” Now, tracking visitors who come to your site is nothing new. Savvy webmasters have analyzed server logs for years, to find out what pages on their site were popular, where visitors come from, etc. Most web hosts give you access to these logs, but only some give you access to software that breaks it down into charts and graphs.
With Google Analytics, Google takes it one step further and gives you the ability to customize these reports with filters and tracking for specific ads and referral sources.
And of course, with Google, the best part is that its Free.
Check it out at http://www.google.com/analytics/index.html

I’ll write more on this later once I have a chance to play around with it. I’m sure there are more uses and possible repercussions to be found.