A quick intro to the category of New Technologies.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am really a techie geek at heart. Now, I’m not into just any technology or techie toys and I’m not into it for the ‘cool’ factor. Nope, I just really get into USEFUL technology. And really, as much as many people seem to think, I’m not usually the first kid on the block with the new gadgets. I am too frugal for that sort of thing.

Take my Pocket PC phone. Yes, I’ve had it since spring of 2003. Lots of people think its a new thing. Actually I decided I needed one of these tools WAY back in early 2002. Did I go out and get one- heck no! They were $700 back then. But I researched which ones I like and which phone companies had them (I didn’t even have a cell phone then). Then I went out and got the freebie phone from Tmobile. They had the plan and the Pocket PC I wanted, but I would wait until they came down in price. More than a year later, my Pocket PC phone became my newest, most useful tool. I can definitely say I couldn’t have managed without it. There’s a lot to remember when you run your own business and I no longer have the luxury of a great memory.

So for a whole year my Pocket PC(I have since upgraded models) was the coolest tool I had. That is until I got my fabulous fantastic Motion Computing Tablet PC.
Again, this technology had actually been around for years. It wasn’t really until I knew I had to get a mobile solution that I even looked at this option. I have to admit, if I didn’t have a friend who works for Motion Computing, I would have never been able to afford this tool when I did. But boy am I glad I did. Why this hadn’t been marketed to consumers yet is beyond me. At least now I see them heavily marketing to the college crowd and I can see why. What I wouldn’t have given to have this to take notes with in school.

But not just for students- my tablet is my absolute #1 indispensible business tool. Sorry little Pocket PC. Though you haven’t been replaced (hey, I still need a phone and its still the most portable extra brain you can get), there’s a new cool kid in Kammy-town. For Now.

I’ll keep my eyes out for some new USEFUL technologies and write about some of my favorite (again, they might not be bleeding edge new, but they may be new or overlooked by me or you).