Just a heads up that there is a new wave of viruses spreading to web sites and through html email (that’s any email that has any pictures, graphics, special fonts). Many times the virus is spread through a website that’s been infected unbeknownst to the web site owner.
To best protect yourself and prevent the spread of malicious viruses, you should utilize the following four tactics:

  • Install virus protection and keep it up to date. My favorite anti-virus programs are from Trend Microand Computer Associates. For more information on some of their products, check out this review.
  • Use an internet browser with a pop-up blocker (don’t forget to enable it!) or install a third-party pop-up blocker.  I personally use the Google Toolbar on top of the built in Internet Explorer pop-up blocker (version 6 and up).
  • Use Anti-Spyware programs like Ad-Aware and PestPatrol.
  • Make sure you download the latest patches and security updates from Microsoft if you’re using the Windows platform.