Ok, now they are getting ballsy. “Domain Registry Support”, the same name used by a company that uses deceptive faxes that imply that your domain is “expiring” unless you respond immediately (usually they put that day’s date on it), is now Calling people via telephone. The number came through my caller ID as +001819 which I hesitated to even answer. They act at first as if they just want to “confirm” your registry details (posing this question was as far as they got with me). From other reports on the web, after ‘confirming’ the information (which is made publicly available according to ICANN requirements, so anyone can get it), they try to trick you into giving your credit card information or registering for more domain names with them (at inflated prices, of course).
Please be wary of ANY phone calls, faxes, or postal mail regarding your domains and hosting. Generally, legitamite contact from your registrar or hosting company comes via email only. Never give your credit card information to ANYONE who has initiated a call TO you– whether they say they are a charity, a business, or otherwise. If you really think it is a legitamite company calling, they can mail you the information needed to donate or pay, or you can initiate a call to them using information you obtain through a bill or official record you have on file (not a number they give you on the phone).