I am often asked about email newsletters or mailing lists, how to manage them, or what software is needed. You can find several articles on newsletters in general in the ‘Conversion” category of my Article archives. I have also intended to write more in depth reviews of the mail list service options, but haven’t yet had time. Since the question came up again this week at a networking group, I am going to post some of the options now and worry about the in depth information later.
Here are some links to newsletter or mail list services:
Constant Contact – You can run the trial unlimited with under 50 subscribers, but it starts to get pricey after that. I’ve gotta say, its probably the most user-friendly service though.
Express Email Marketing– this is one you can buy through the YNot Shop(under Marketing tools). There’s now a $9.95 per YEAR (not per month like Constant Contact) option (under 250 emails) which you can upgrade to the $29.95 per year for 5000 html newsletters (has templates etc). For a strict newsletter, its a really good deal.

I’d actually recommend AUTORESPONDER services instead because they do OH sooo much more. These are my top three of those:
AWeber Unlimited Autoresponders . I use this one for my “YNot Succeed Online” Newsletter and other things. Unlimited autoresponders and mail lists, has html templates, lets you bounce subscribers from list to list, have up to 10,000 subscribers. They have a trial offer and the yearly price is really good.

My second choice was: GetResponse. Aweber eeked by them with one minor feature I wanted for my list, but probably would not concern most people. GetResponse is actually somewhat cheaper than Aweber for some really cool features. They also have a trial offer.

Here’s a new One I haven’t been able to check out as much yet, but has good reviews and was recommended to me:
Email Aces. Its $8.95 per month for up to 2500 subscribers/1 list which is better pricing than a lot of them. Believe it or not, most these types of services charge $20 per month and UP (waaaay up).

Then here’s the list of other companies I send for comparisons, as they each have features or pricing that may work for someone in certain circumstances:
Internet Mail Manager-pay per email sent
MailOut– okay prices for bigger than small list but not big lists
MailChimp– cool name, pay per email sent- They have email templates to download no charge!
MailerMailer – pricey except you get 200 emails per month No Charge in their trial (where Constant Contact limits to 50 subscribers but doesn’t count how many times you mail them)
Trident– has a kind of funky ‘points’ system, but may work for some needs.

** See our 2007 update on Mail List Services and rates.