SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Many tools and service providers will promise high Search Engine placement if you pay for them. Educate yourself on your options and your ROI before investing in any tool or service.

Search Engine Strategies

If Search Engine placement is important to you and your site, make sure you cover these basic steps:

  • Write a descriptive title for each page. Include the most important keywords.
  • Optimize META Tags. Make sure your important keywords are first in the list and that your description is relevant to what’s on the page.
  • Optimize your Content: Make sure your keywords are in the first paragraph of your Body text and used in your Header Tags (H1 and H2).
  • Submit your Web Page URL to Search Engines and key Directories. You don’t have to be an expert to do this simple step- usually this is as easy as typing your URL on an Add URL Page. Avoid registering with FFA (Free For All pages). They don’t work well and will bring you lots of spam e-mails.