Writing and distributing certain types of content, not only builds your website presence, but gets you free promotion, free website traffic, and higher search engine rankings (which in turn will get you even more free traffic).  The two most effective types of distributed content are:

  1. Press Releases
    There are several free or extremely affordable Press Release distribution services online.  These services allow you to post your press release to make them available to news sources, online and offline.  Just being listed on the press release services website increases your exposure.  Make sure you include your URL in your press release!

    “But I don’t have a reason to write a Press Release”
    YES YOU DO.  You can write a Press Release on anything new about your company.  Here are some ideas:

    1. You are offering a new product or service.  Explain what need this fills.
    2. You (or one of your staff) have won an award or achieved a new certification
    3. You or your company are sponsoring or coordinating any sort of event, particularly any sort of charity event (you can even do a ‘call for volunteers’)
    4. You have been or will be speaking or leading a presentation for a well-known group
    5. You are in the news (for any reason) or You have a service or product that relates to something that was ‘in the news’ recently
    6. You were awarded the contract for a well-known client
  2. Articles
    In addition to ultimately putting an article on your own website, you can write articles for a particular venue of interest to your target market and/or distribute them through a plethora of article directories. 

    Six Benefits to Writing and Distributing “free reprint rights” Articles

    1. Your Resource Box(short paragraph at the bottom of the article that gives you credit as the author) allows you to brand yourself and promote your business and website.  Always include your name, business name and a link to your website!
    2. Inbound links.  The more websites that reprint your article, the more occurrences there are of that link in your resource box (and maybe in the content).  This increases your ranking in several search engines.
    3. You build credibility in your field of expertise
    4. You develop relationships.  You build a rapport and a level of trust with people interested in your topic (and likely your product or services!)
    5. Free publicity/exposure to new targeted audiences.  When other people reprint your article on their website or in their newsletter, they are introducing you to their readers and visitors.  People that may not have found you otherwise.
    6. Leverage.  You can the articles for multiple purposes. Articles on your website, not only help build credibility and trust with your prospects and visitors, they also can HELP your clients by educating them.  You can also find ways to repackage and repurpose the content as optional products for sale.

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